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Simplifying medical information for patients

AI-Based Solution for Healthcare Institutions

Simple. Understandable. Accessible
Doctor and Patient

Your health in your hands

Understanding medical information is essential to improving patient engagement and involvement in their own care.

MedInclude is a secure AI-based data processing solution that can help healthcare institutions transcribe patient notes to lay terminology in real time and without losing the essence of the information.

Patients can access the transcribed notes from their medical visit in multiple languages post consult, making it the ideal solution to aid information retention.

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Current Capabilities


Using machine learning and natural language processing to transcribe medical information into simple terminology without losing the essence of the message.

24/7 Access

Access transcribed notes anytime, anywhere.

Consultation notes, discharge notes, medication instructions, all at your fingertips.


Multiple language options to further increase understanding of, and relatability with medical information.

medical news/updates

Access accurate medical news and updates in simple, understandable language. From new drug updates, clinical trials, medical research, etc.

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  • Access to accurate medical information - written by clinicians for patients - in simple language.

  • 24/7 access to medical notes allows patients revisit medical information, instructions, and updates anywhere, anytime.

  • Multi-language option means patients get important medical information in language the understand best

  • Better understanding of medical information can help patients make more informed health decisions.

  • Auto transcription means clinicians can share information without worrying patients won't understand.

  • Medical information in patient language leads to more effective and efficient communication with patients​.

  • Better communication with patients leads to increased trust of physicians.

  • Effective communication and increased trust lead to better care for patients.​

Healthcare Institutions
  • Transcription  to simple language means less risk of miscommunication.

  • Less miscommunication with patients reduces the risk of misunderstanding instructions and misusing medication which can lead to litigation or loss of life.

  • Better patient understanding via transcription and multi-language option can reduce overhead cost through:

    • reduced room time, more efficient use of staff time, reduction in printing booklets, less revisits

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Clinicians/Healthcare Organizations

Patients and Everyone

About Us

Doctor Office
Accessible Medical Information for Patients.

MedInclude is a secure AI-based data processing solution that can help patients, physicians, and healthcare institutions bridge the gap in patient-physician communication.

Our goal is to leverage AI and big data to make medical informational accessible and understandable to patients.

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